Exercise to Notice July 2018

The semi stiff-legged dead lift is a movement, which when done correctly, can contribute to functional stability and strength.


Class to Notice for June 2018

Beginner Pilates with Props and Stretching Join Jamie Vinciguerra on Wednesday mornings for our 10:00 a.m. Beginner Pilates with props and stretching. This 50 minute class will focus on the Pilates basics, incorporating props when appropriate and a little more focus is spent on stretching. If you are new to Pilates or just need to [ ]

Instructor to Notice June 2018

Joe Rodriguez – Lifestyle Coach Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching, Metabolic Typing, Weight Loss, Core Function Testing, Balance & Stability Training, Corrective Stretch Testing & Program Design Joe Rodriguez has been a professional Lifestyle Coach and Fitness Trainer since 1995. He founded the Beach Fit outdoor training program under contract with the state of California and has acted as the Fitness Director for two fitness facilities.