Class to Notice for December 2017

Barre and Reformer Pilates We recently opened up a new Pilates studio, with the help of FIT for Life, and are now offering Barre and Reformer classes. Both of these classes are an hour long and have different approaches to Pilates. Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. In this course, [ ]


December 2017 Instructor of the Month

Mary Flannigan Since December 2012, Mary has been teaching indoor cycling on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:30 AM. Participating in indoor cycling is an ideal way to start the day, and she finds that the class truly “jump starts” her busy work day as a Special Education teacher. While teaching at Rock Creek Elementary is a full-time—plus endeavor, [ ]

Member on Fire for December 2017

Rosie Maher Rosie has been a member of Auburn Fit1 for just a little over a year. She joined when her local gym closed, and she wanted to continue her classes with Patti Iorillo. Rosie works out approximately 3-days per week. She enjoys and attends yoga as well as strength technique, core, and balance classes [ ]

Exercise to Notice for December 2017

Low to High Cable Wood Chop This dynamic exercise works the obliques and upper abs while keeping your heart rate up. Although this is a full-body move, it doesn t require a lot of space, so that you can do it almost anywhere. Directions for Completing a Low to High Cable Wood Chop Attach a single [ ]