Instructor to Notice June 2018

Joe Rodriguez – Lifestyle Coach Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching, Metabolic Typing, Weight Loss, Core Function Testing, Balance & Stability Training, Corrective Stretch Testing & Program Design Joe Rodriguez has been a professional Lifestyle Coach and Fitness Trainer since 1995. He founded the Beach Fit outdoor training program under contract with the state of California and has acted as the Fitness Director for two fitness facilities.


Member on Fire for June, 2018

Robert Comer Robert was born on April 23, 1958, in Torrance CA, near the ocean. While living in Southern California, Robert was very active, causing shoulder injuries and seven surgeries! In 1985, he survived an upper chest wound, when he was stabbed from behind on Labor Day weekend.

Team Member to Notice May 2018

Kiely Graves Team Member for May Please welcome Kiely Graves to the Fit 1 Team. Kiely has been a member with her Mother since 2013. Kiely will be assisting us in the office, helping to clean the facility and she will also be available for Starting Point appointments for our new members. Kiely is also Personal [ ]

May 2018 Exercise of the Month – Video

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat The rear foot elevated split squat, often referred to as the Bulgarian Split Squat is an excellent exercise for both the anterior and posterior muscles of your legs; quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal. This exercise is excellent for athlete, as it requires stability and strength from the lead leg, [ ]

Member on Fire May 2018

Paula Maxwell May Member on Fire Paula joined Auburn Fit 1 in October of 2016. That same month, she began personal training with Richard Del Balso and they have been continuing with her personal training since then. Paula and Richard meet one day a week. During their session, they focus on a full body workout. [ ]

Nutrition Simplified – Free Clinic

Nutrition Simplified and Secrets to Successful Goal Setting June 2nd ~ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Simplify your nutrition plan with these easy-to-implement, fool proof weight loss and health optimization techniques. Goal setting is the first step at turning the invisible into the visible! Learn how to successfully develop and implement your action plan.